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Mt. Mograph BOOMBOX V15

Creating flat vector-based artwork that moves along the X, Y, and Z planes is a fun and beautiful way to give an animated infographic style and energy. You can mimic this 2D look with a 3D animation-like feel using the power of CINEMA 4D and After Effects combined. Artist Eran Stern shows mograph artists how to achieve this simple style of rendering using a series of project-based examples: a sophisticated particle reaction, a complex DNA chain sequence, a button, and a coin animation.

Mt. Mograph BOOMBOX v15


How do motion graphics artists create those polished animated graphics for channels like ESPN on such short deadlines? They turn to the high-powered toolset in CINEMA 4D. In this course, EJ Hassenfratz shows you how to use those same tools to create your own dynamic, high-energy sports bumper. Learn how to model the basic elements in C4D and add robotic-style movement with the Mograph module, and take a logo from Adobe Illustrator and turn it into a smart, beveled 3D project. Then EJ shows how to combine it all in After Effects, along with a few special effects. This workflow mimics a real post-production environment and allows a more intermediate look at the mograph module and an opportunity to take your motion graphics knowledge to the next level. 350c69d7ab


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