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Ok By Kanti Shah Hd 720p ((NEW))

OK: A B Grade Answer to PK

OK is a 2015 Hindi movie directed by Kanti Shah, a Bollywood filmmaker known for his horror and adult movies. The movie is a spoof of Aamir Khan's blockbuster PK, which was released in 2014. OK features Kanti Shah's wife and actress Sapna Tanveer in the lead role, along with other B grade actors.

ok by kanti shah hd 720p

The movie poster of OK shows Sapna Tanveer posing nude with a transistor covering her modesty, similar to Aamir Khan's poster for PK. The movie also copies some scenes and dialogues from PK, such as Sapna asking people about God and stealing clothes from a car. However, the movie also adds some vulgar and cheap elements, such as Sapna seducing men and women, and having sex with aliens.

The movie was released online on YouTube and other platforms, and received mostly negative reviews from critics and viewers. The movie was criticized for being a cheap imitation of PK, and for having no plot or logic. Some viewers also found the movie offensive and vulgar, and reported it for violating YouTube's policies.

Kanti Shah is a Gujarati by origin, and has been making B grade and C grade movies since 1988. He is best known for directing movies featuring Mithun Chakraborty and Dharmendra in the late 1990s, such as Gunda, Loha, and Rangbaaz. He has also made several horror and adult movies, such as Ganga Bani Shola, Phoolan Hasina Ramkali, Aag Ka Toofan, and Kanti Shah ke Angoor.

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OK is not the first movie by Kanti Shah that has copied or spoofed a popular Bollywood movie. He has also made movies such as Duplicate Sholay, Aag Ke Sholay, Jung Ke Sholay, and Darwaza, which are inspired by the classic Sholay. He has also made movies such as Galiyon Ka Badshah, Aaj Ka Gunda, and Gunda, which are influenced by the angry young man genre of Amitabh Bachchan. He has also made movies such as Daku Ramkali, Daku Ganga Jamuna, and Meri Ganga Ki Saugandh, which are based on the bandit queen genre of Phoolan Devi.

Kanti Shah's movies are known for their low budget, poor quality, and excessive violence and sex. His movies often feature rape scenes, nudity, bloodshed, and crude dialogues. His movies are also known for their unintentional comedy and absurdity. Some of his movies have become cult classics among some viewers, who enjoy them for their so-bad-it's-good value. Some of his movies have also been parodied or referenced by other filmmakers and comedians.

Kanti Shah has claimed that he makes movies for the masses, and not for the critics. He has said that he does not care about the reviews or ratings of his movies, as long as they make money. He has also said that he does not copy or spoof other movies, but only takes inspiration from them. He has also defended his movies as being a form of entertainment and art.

OK is not the only movie by Kanti Shah that has featured his wife and actress Sapna Tanveer. He has also cast her in several other movies, such as Garam, Angoor, Free Entry, MMS Kand, Haunted Jungle, and Sapna Ki Jawani. Sapna Tanveer is known for her bold and erotic roles in Kanti Shah's movies. She has also acted in some other B grade and C grade movies, such as Pyaasa Haiwan, Pyaasi Bhootni, and Qatil Chudail.

Sapna Tanveer has said that she enjoys working with her husband, and that he gives her creative freedom and respect. She has also said that she does not mind doing bold scenes or nudity, as long as they are justified by the script. She has also said that she does not care about the criticism or trolling of her movies, as she believes that she is doing her job as an actor.

Sapna Tanveer has also expressed her desire to work in mainstream Bollywood movies, and to prove her acting skills. She has said that she is open to doing different kinds of roles, and that she does not want to be typecast as a B grade or C grade actress. She has also said that she admires actors like Vidya Balan, Kangana Ranaut, and Priyanka Chopra, who have done bold and unconventional roles in Bollywood. c481cea774