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How to Install BMW INPA EDIABAS v5.06 on Windows 10

How to Install BMW INPA EDIABAS v5.06 on Windows 10

BMW INPA EDIABAS v5.06 is a diagnostic software that connects to all the systems and modules on BMW cars. It can read and clear BMW trouble codes, perform live diagnostics and data analysis, and access various test functions. In this article, we will show you how to install BMW INPA EDIABAS v5.06 on Windows 10 with a K+DCAN USB interface.

Step 1: Download the software archives

You will need to download the following files:

Bmw Inpa Ediabas v5.06.rar


  • INPA Driver for the K+DCAN cable itself

  • BimmerGeeks Standard Tools (includes INPA EDIABAS v5.06, NCSEXPERT 4.0.1, EDIABAS 7.3.0 and SPDATEN V67)

You can find the download links in the references below[^1^] [^2^] [^3^]. Unzip the files to a folder on your computer.

Step 2: Install the K+DCAN cable driver

Connect the K+DCAN cable to your computer and wait for the driver installation to start. If it does not start automatically, you can manually install the driver from the INPA Driver folder that you downloaded. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation. Make sure that the cable is set on the COM1 port in the Device Manager.

Step 3: Install BimmerGeeks Standard Tools

Right click on the St212.exe file in the BimmerGeeks Standard Tools folder and select "fix compatibility issues". Follow the instructions on the screen to run the compatibility troubleshooter. Choose "Try recommended settings" and then "Test the program". The installer should start and you can follow the steps to install BimmerGeeks Standard Tools.

During the installation, you will be asked to select your language and model group. Choose English as your language and E89 as your model group (this covers most BMW models). You will also be asked to select your destination folder. Choose C:\EDIABAS as your destin