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How to Use Cash Register Express 101 to Boost Your Retail Business

How to Use Cash Register Express 101 to Boost Your Retail Business

Cash Register Express 101 (CRE) is a powerful and easy-to-use point of sale software that can help you manage your retail business more efficiently and profitably. Whether you own a liquor store, a convenience store, a grocery store, or any other type of specialty retailer, CRE can help you with inventory management, customer loyalty, employee scheduling, reporting, and more. In this article, we will show you some of the key features and benefits of using CRE for your retail business.

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Inventory Management

One of the most important aspects of running a successful retail business is keeping track of your inventory. With CRE, you can automate stock replenishment, purchase orders, back orders, and direct store deliveries. You can also use a handheld inventory device to receive inventory, complete accurate floor counts, and build POs. CRE also allows you to create kits, styles matrix, mix and match pricing, and commissions and consignment for your items. You can view your inventory by cashier ID, customer, vendor, store number, item, or department[^1^].

Customer Loyalty

Another key factor for increasing your sales and profitability is building loyal relationships with your customers. CRE enables you to offer attractive loyalty and marketing programs to incentivize repeat purchases. You can set up discount levels, birthday specials, frequent shoppers, and custom branded gift cards with your business name. You can also charge orders to your on-house account system and manage layaway accounts with ease[^1^].

Employee Scheduling

Labor is a big expense for any retail business, so you need to track hours and wages accurately and efficiently. CRE helps you with staff management by allowing you to build out your employee schedule using the labor scheduler and limit clock in/out times. You can also reduce loss and increase accountability by restricting what employees have access to in your POS system. You can limit discounts, no sales, voids, price changes, and more[^1^].